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Kennet Cassette Is Now Digital

Kennet Cassette operated for more than 40 years using cassette tapes. Times and technology have moved on and so has Kennet Cassette.

In place of the old tape cassettes the Newbury talking newspaper now uses memory sticks. These are small devices that carry the recordings in a digital format. The memory sticks will look like this although they may not be exactly the same.


Close up photo of typical Memory stick


Photo of memory stick held between thumb and forefinger


Photo of several memory sticks


Photo of Sovereign mini audio player

The memory sticks are plugged into a player which will replay the news or whatever has been recorded.


Unlike the old cassette you can easily skip to the next article or go back to the previous one.


View the report from ITV Meridian to see how the system works: CLICK HERE.


Our thanks to ITV Meridian and Mel Bloor for permission to use this clip.

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